One of the things that I have observed over the years is examples of the old aphorism that “when the student is ready, the teacher appears”.

This is often demonstrated in the regulation of health practice where a dentist acts in a way that he or she thinks is reasonable only to have it forced upon them that this is not acceptable to a significant body of others.

It’s a  painful reality, and in 11 years of specialised legal practice, it often comes too late. 

It’s what I call the insight problem. Some dentists who are affected will never get the insight required to not be the subject of complaints. But those who will listen and take proactive action, will survive and prosper.

If you are the subject of regulatory action, and no one has had the insight conversation with you, then maybe you should seek help from someone who will independently have that conversation with you and give you some practical help with progress. The earlier it happens the better.

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Brad Wright BDSc (Qld) | LLB(Hons) | MBA | P.Cert. Arbitration | PRI,Arb3,Med |

is a registered dentist and barrister specialising in dental practice issues – including the workplace, contracts, partnerships and practice regulations.

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