These are recent comments by dental practitioners. Some have been told to write their own submissions by advisors, some were told they could not be helped. Worst of all some indemnifiers and ‘advisors’ roll the arm over and judge the practitioner rather than go about helping them.


When dentists get conflicting advice from ADA Branch staff and their insurers, it’s difficult to know where to turn.

In this case the Insurer resisted advising settlement (even though it would not be at their expense). For some reason the junior ADA staff did not think that a refund should be made. The employer drafted some correspondence that was utterly ineffective in protecting anyone, let alone the dentist.

The dentist was understandably concerned about potentiating a complaint if a refund were not made in a timely manner.

An effective deed was executed to protect the practitioner as much as is possible.

“Thank you very much for putting this together for me so quickly. Thank you also for the advice…

I really appreciate it. My insurer and ADA could not make their mind up about what to do. …. my employer will reimburse me for the costs.

I can’t thank you enough, you have really made a rather stressful situation a lot more bearable. Again, thank you very much for helping me with this complaint. I have appreciated your advice and expertise. Hopefully I don’t need to call on you again!”

Dr. V


Often I am asked to deal with contracts presented to dentists- as employees independent contractors or service and facility users. To review the contracts and advise relies on experience and knowledge of the law and the dental business. Sometimes the dentists are ‘thresholded’ – meaning they are told to sign or else.

I was given a contract with days to sign. I contacted Brad and he advised me on the effects and negotiation and the corporate made the significant changes . Really appreciated  Brad’s promptness and experience in getting this outcome” Dr CE

July 2020


Last year a patient lodged a complaint to HCCC regarding failed implants. The situation escalated from a simple complaint to an Inquiry. Through this process I was guided by advisors from ADA but found that I kept getting deeper into problems as they were not available to guide me appropriately. I was not advised that my whole practice would be investigated, not just the complaint in hand. The regulator ended up investigating my full patient record log which opens up other aspects like diagnosis, treatment planning and treatment rendered, as well as infection control. Any imperfections can lead to red flags which can ultimately lead to suspension of registration.

I found myself having to face a s150 hearing.  It was at this point that I contacted Brad Wright with only a week’s notice. Brad straight away put me at ease and made himself available 24/7 to address the shortcomings. He showed me exactly what Council was expecting in terms of format, layout and content of dental records. He helped me with a submission and even re-arranged his schedule so that he would be able to attend the hearing. His guidance throughout the hearing was invaluable and he was able to correctly predict the outcome. He also helped me find a mentor/supervisor to assist me in my situation.

I am extremely grateful to Brad that I still have my registration intact (with workable conditions) as it was obvious that regulator would otherwise have suspended me.

Dealing with the regulator and its monitoring service has been very stressful and traumatic. I have been a dentist for over 30 years, but virtually found my practice nearly destroyed within 9 months. Dentists are not lawyers. When dealing with regulatory bodies I would urge all dentists to seek the guidance of a dento-legal professional like Brad Wright. Not only is Brad pro-active but he seems to genuinely care. I am very thankful to Brad as the situation could have had a very different ending without his help.

Dr A 2018


I had a complaint made by a patient which i found was a real shock as it was a basic dental procedure that was executed seamlessly and I had done my level best. But, after speaking to Brad, he helped me practically deal with AHPRA found no case to answer and imposed no conditions. He also recommended me do some courses in documentation, record keeping and consent taking that was very useful. I am confident that if he had not taken an immediate interest then the result might have been different and I would have had months compliance with conditions to work through. Without a second thought, I can recommend Brad Wright for your legal consultations. Very approachable and always responsive.
Thank you Brad Wright.

Dr V 2018


Brad has been a great support during a very stressful period. He is professional, prompt with his response and is always available, even on the weekends. He is hard working and is earnest in his approach in helping his client to achieve the  best outcome.

He is proactive,  able to clearly identify the issues at hand with the submissions. He is an honest critic and a good mentor. He offers practical mitigating measures in responding to the to the hearing and his presence at the inquiry is invaluable. I highly recommend his services.

Dr. T 2018


“I was given a very long contract when I was working in a practice that was taken over by another entity. They wanted it signed within a few weeks, but it was almost 50 pages long! I called Brad and he gave me detailed written advice about the contract promptly.

He also took the time to explain how I could resolve the parts of the contract that I hadn’t realised were even wrong or unacceptable.

I’m so glad I contacted him for help as the cost of getting my contract checked was nothing compared to how much it may have cost my career had I signed it immediately.”

Dr Z.  2018


“ I had a patient complain about orthodontic treatment. The regulator imposed impossible conditions – which meant I would not be able to continue to practice orthodontics. My indemnifier just said and did basically nothing and told me they would review my response. 
I contacted Brad for help and he argued my case directly with the regulator and not only negotiated workable conditions, he also arranged the supervisors and the terms of the supervision.
If he did not take up this case for me, then I would have had to abandon my orthodontic practice. Now I am working through the conditions and can see a future. I am just glad Brad was there to know what to do and advise me and take a real interest in me and the outcome.”
Dr H. 2018


“I had a complaint and there were serious issues with my records. My indemnifier was pressuring me to the point that I almost broke down. They did not understand the issues that I faced.

Brad spoke to me after hours, and then took hold of the matter and arranged proactively to provide evidence, direct me to proper education and formulate a case and argument so that I was able to deal with the regulator and continue to work. I know that if I relied upon my peer advisors and their lawyers, the result would have been likely very much worse.

Brad told me what we might expect from the regulator and that is exactly what happened.

I am grateful that Brad took up my case, was available to talk to me and reassure me and ran it successfully. I don’t know that anyone else could have or would have done so

Brad  took all the legal responsibility during those stressful months which helped me focus on my work and personal life . 

He  not only helped me avoid the suspension but also made me realise the importance of the issues I was faced with, helped me rectify them and made sure I am set up for better understanding and adherence  to the codes of practice in future. This in my opinion was a key factor and difference.”

Dr. M 2018


“The pain and stress of going through a dental complaint can be very daunting. I felt depressed through the process and it stressed me badly. Brad gave me great support, guidance, help and reassurance. He worked tirelessly to have the work done on time regardless of weekend or late night. Being a dentist, his knowledge on the legal aspect of dentistry  enabled me to fine tune a much better and decisive response to the complaint. His professionalism, dedication and expertise in dento-legal helped me to drive through the storm with safety.
I have no doubt that anyone with a dento-legal issue would find Brad’s expertise indispensable.”
Dr N 2018


“I had some unreasonable conditions imposed on my dental practice that meant I could not get work. I was in a practice where someone did the wrong thing but dragged me down with them. I was collateral damage.

My indemnity insurer went through the motions, but they really were not that interested. It was looking like I would have a long period of no income and no real way to advance my career. A friend referred me to Brad. He promptly filed an appeal and we negotiated a reasonable outcome with the regulator so I could get a job and get back to work. If Brad had not been there to step in, I am not sure I could have stayed in the profession.”

Dr LN  2017


“After trying to do it myself, and with some help from my association, I wasn’t getting anywhere and was referred to Brad as I had a long running issue about advertising with AHPRA. He helped me promptly resolve an issue that means I can continue my advertising, and that I am not in breach of the guidelines  It took some time to have the AHPRA officer realise that we were right, but it resulted in a lot less stress and a way forward. Knowing that I was dealing with someone who know the law and the dental practicalities was a great relief.”

Dr T  2017


“I had my registration suspended really unfairly. I spoke to my indemnifier and they did not help. They seemed to want to do no work and just wanted it left to me.  Then once my registration was suspended, my insurer refused to reinsure me !  I was about to give up, but a friend told me to call Brad. I called on a weekend and he started the process immediately. After an application being promptly filed, and  hearing and some negotiation, I got my registration back and now I am working again. If you have problems with AHPRA, I would recommend you call Brad so he can put your case. Brad helped me to get reinsured. If your insurer does not seem to care, you need expertise from someone who knows dental practice and the law”

BL 2018


“I needed advice about a patient who came back to try and ‘claim’ treatment done 10 years earlier and then I heard about Dr Bradley Wright and his dento-legal approach for ‘distressed’ dentists. He helped sort out my patient problem in no time so I could get on with enjoying my dentistry. Thanks Brad. I still appreciate what you did for me at the time…again thanks.”

Dr T.  2016


“I was extremely lucky to have found Brad as my counsel for a disciplinary proceeding with the Dental Board of Australia. His command over the legal and dental issues took a lot of stress from my head and in the end resulted in the complaint being dismissed.

I am indebted to Brad for his untiring and meticulous efforts towards my case, without which it would all have been a lost cause”…

– Dr S.


When I first met with Brad, he provided me an appropriately detailed expert opinion on the possible outcomes. These were based on his experiences and research into previous cases I was impressed by his knowledge of the procedures and processes involved in my case.
Brad worked tremendously hard, researching my case and going over the evidence that was obtained my both sides. Brad engaged the services of a Solicitor, to whom he worked collaboratively with to ensure the paper work, forms and meetings, were attended to on time.
It was a huge emotional relief not having to attend the compulsory conferences and negotiate with the legal representatives from The Dental Board. Brad Wright and his Solicitor attended to these necessary procedures and processes. I was always kept informed of the progress and outcome of each step.
If I had any queries, Brad would always promptly provide me with answers either via phone or e-mail. This even included; time when Brad was outside his office or travelling. I was impressed by his integrity and overall high quality services when dealing with complex legal issues.

-Dr H Brisbane


“It was very reassuring to find legal advice and support from someone who has experience in, and a clear understanding of, the dental industry. We were able to get to the heart of the issue without having to spend valuable time explaining the workings of a dental practice. Brad was instrumental in helping us to resolve our issue”.

-Dr and Mrs C Brisbane


I am pleased to be able to recommend Brad Wright, for his combined expertise on both dentistry and law. However his common sense approach, and understanding of the difficulties of modern dental practice made a difficult situation almost a pleasant experience. If you have a legal issue pertaining to dentistry you should certainly talk to Brad.

-Dr C Queensland


“I found Brad a thorough professional who was very supportive of my rights and worked smartly to protect them. It was an emotional situation for me but then you handled my case with utmost empathy and sensitivity. You ensured the best outcome with least damage. I highly recommend Brad’s services”


The stress and pressure of going through a legal proceding can be very straining. You can feel lost through the process and it can make you feel so depressed & down.
Having the support and guidance from Brad Wright was of tremendous help and reassurance. His background as a dentist and his knowledge on the legal aspect enabled me to have a clearer understanding of the situation and allowed me to be better prepared for the hearing and potential outcome.
I only wished I had engaged his help much earlier! I am sure that anyone going through what I had would find Brad’s expertise invaluable.

-Dr W Brisbane


I would like to take this opportunity to extend my sincerest thanks for Brad’s help and support in dealing with my case. He exhibited the utmost standard of professionalism and expertise especially with his dual qualifications in both dentistry and law. It was a very difficult and trying experience for me but his genuine concern, reassurance and honesty helped me through it. I feel extremely fortunate to have had Brad represent me and leading me to a successful outcome. Even after the closure of my case, I am very grateful for the expert advice and continuing support. I would have no hesitation in recommending Brad to my fellow colleagues who may be in need of legal help.

-Dr S Queensland