10 05, 2022

Infected with error

May 10th, 2022|

n Ng v Pharmacy Council of New South Wales [2022] NSWCATOD 49, the Tribunal found that the decisions of the Pharmacy Council were infected with legal errors in relation to

18 07, 2020

SHORT CASE NOTE Dental Corporation Pty Ltd v Moffet [2020] FCAFC 118. Do Dental Corporates have a problem with Service and Facility Agreements ?

July 18th, 2020|

Dental Corporation Pty Ltd v Moffet [2020] FCAFC 118 This was a decision on an appeal from both Dr Moffet and Dental Corporation of the decision of 15th March 2019- Moffet v

4 02, 2014


February 4th, 2014|

WHITENING BY NON DENTISTS   For those interested in such things, an ongoing case about the appeal of a decision relating to teeth whitening material pursuant to the section

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