Theories Pty Ltd v Holt and Another [2014] NTSC 40


In a recent decision in September 2014, the Supreme Court of Northern Territory delivered judgement in relation to a dispute in relation to contracts between two dentists, or at least a dentist and a dental company. Much of the judgement is in relation to procedures, but there are some relevant points for dentists or dentists who are employing or employed by dentists.


In short compass, the issues were that a dentist had worked for another dentist, reduced his hours and then resigned and the employing dentist, the principal dentist, had sought to obtain and seek damages from the employed dentist.


This was an appeal from an order of the Magistrate in Darwin.


It is a reasonably short judgement and although it has no import in general or dentists, it is worth reading for the reason that in factual disputes between dentists can get complicated when they are litigated in superior courts.