In a case last year, HCCC v Dr BARTOLAZO [2013] NSWDT 4 (9 August 2013), the HCCC found that not declaring a criminal record amounted to professional misconduct. It is important to for registrants to know that criminal charges need to be disclosed as well as convictions.

In another matter, Health Care Complaints Commission v Dr Saeid Saedlounia [2013] NSWMT13,  Dr Saedlounia had provided misleading information, in his curriculum vitae, for the purpose of obtaining employment as a doctor. The Tribunal said,

The curriculum vitae……….contained false and misleading particulars of his experience in medical practice, and this was known to Dr Saedlounia. The Tribunal is satisfied to the required standard, that in proffering his curriculum vitae with such misleading content, Dr Saedlounia’s conduct amounted to improper and unethical conduct related to the practise or purported practise of medicine.” (para 88)

Registrants need to be vigilant about disclosure and should seek advice from professional organisations or from appropriately experienced lawyers.


Brad Wright

January 1st 2015