If as a practitioner you are unfortunate enough to have conditions imposed on your registration – whether by Dental Council of NSW or Dental Board of Australia, it is imperative that you take the compliance with the conditions seriously.

The processes are different in NSW as opposed to other states, but the requirement for strict compliance is actually critical.

Once conditions are imposed, the ’management’ of the case goes to the Monitoring and Compliance division of the regulator. There are often ‘hard’ timelines imposed for various administrative processes imposed by the monitoring section.

Unfortunately, some insurers do not always assist with this part of the process.

It is important to comply with the reasonable directions because not to do so can create a further breach.

If there are aspects of the conditions and compliance which are unworkable, then the subject practitioner can usually apply informally for a review or some clarification – best done by carefully worded correspondence.

The process can be frustrating, particularly because supervision is almost without exception open ended and the process seems to be extremely inflexible and on occasion excessively bureaucratic.

But sometimes, a formal review can be requested and if this is reviewed, and refused, then there is often an appeal available.

However, it is important to only seek reviews and appeals whether there is an arguable case for doing so.

If you have conditions imposed and are unsure where to turn, we are here to help.

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