This year, I have received many calls from dentists who have matters that need careful consideration of matters beyond the immediately obvious problem. Sometimes it’s patient complaints, sometimes it is an audit for a third party payer. The issues sometimes can spread to other aspects of the practice.

Experience has shown that an initial notification by way of correspondence might lead to unexpected effects on practice. A single complaint, notification or letter may lead to other more serious matters if not handled strategically with an independent eye.

I engaged Brad Wright’s services after being asked to reply about issues with billing. As a relatively new practice owner, this experience was foreign to me and there were complexities surrounding the request and submission required. The ramifications of such a submission can be extremely serious if not handled correctly and Brad provided us with honest, timely, accurate advice which helped us to keep moving forward during the extremely stressful period of preparation for the submission.

Brad was delightful to deal with and ensured our needs were met, our concerns were addressed and our heads were clear and focussed on doing what was needed to maximise the chance of a favourable outcome. I cannot thank Brad enough for his help and support and encourage any dentist or practice owner needing legal advice to have a chat to Brad to ensure the situation is dealt with properly.

Dentist Practice Owner August 2020

It costs nothing to talk for 15 minutes and get an initial independent confidential perspective. If you think you have a crisis coming, then do all you can to avoid it. Call 07 3007 1777 or email for prompt attention.