After decades of practicing dentistry I received a notification from the national regulator. It was a totally unexpected surprise and shocking news to me.
I sought out Mr Brad Wright to assist me. He examined the notification in detail  and  carefully considered my responses. Mr Wright also assisted in advising and updating my employer.
During the tense and and anxious months from initial  notification to conclusion of investigation Mr Wright  was a supportive and guiding influence. Brad was instrumental in reducing the stress which comes with dealing with such a notification from the national regulator body.
Brad’s knowledge of dentistry and experience as a former practising successful dentist plus his  expertise in health law was the perfect combination. His business acumen and negotiation abilities as a mediator was an added bonus.
Facing the national professional regulatory body is quite a daunting task. Brad made the entire process that much more manageable and easier.
I never felt alone or unsupported with Brad as my professional advisor. Brad understood the toll such process may exacr from a person against whom a notification is made.
Brad returns calls and responds to Emails and text messages promptly.
I highly recommend Brad to any health practitioner for any such matters involving health law , business, negotiation and conflict resolution.
One does not struggle alone with Brad on one’s side and in one’s corner.
The matter concluded optimally and my professional reputation which has been decades in the making survived unscathed. The outcome was the best scenario imagineable.
Thank you, Brad