With 35 years experience as a dentist and 15 years as a lawyer and over 10 as a barrister –  I can understand and help you to present the best strategy and response possible.  

If it means that you need a different strategy or requires some specialised education, that usually can be arranged.It comes from having helped hundreds of dentists since 2010 when the National Law commenced.

“Thank you once again Brad, I will be more than happy to be contacted by your clients should anyone wants to talk about the experience and what you’ve done for me.”

Sometimes, the best strategy is not obvious, and it is only through experience you can know what to do and how to respond with persuasive submissions so that the boat is not rocked any more than necessary.

If you have a complaint and you need real help more than assistance, call 07 30071777 or email brad@bradwright.legal.