A little while ago, I got a call from a dentist who was in a fair  bit of strife. He was getting conflicting advice from his association, its advisors and his insurers. He did not know where to turn, so he called me. Luckily it was early on and he saw the danger.

It was complex matter but with a lot of work and with an eye on the big picture across a number of jurisdictions, something quite catastrophic was avoided and a great outcome was achieved. Over the last 10 years there is not much anymore which can surprise me in dental regulation and practice.

All complaints and investigations are stressful, but sometimes they deal with potentially serious matters, and these are best handled with nuance and expertise. You need someone who understands you as a dentist and the issues.

If you ever thought that there was nobody to back you when you had one of the most harrowing experiences of your dental professional career then there is one: Brad Wright. His level of service is and expertise as lawyer who has been a dentist far exceeds what you would expect from other legal professionals for these issues. That coupled with decades of experience helped me immensely mentally and emotionally through months of arduous fact finding, report writing and letter preparation. Look no further and call Brad.

If you are the subject of an  investigation by AHPRA, a Health Fund or other regulator and not sure you are being assisted as well as you would hope, give me a call on 07 3007 1777 for a confidential and obligation free no charge initial discussion.