Regularly, I am asked to attend a NSW Dental Council inquiry as an accompanying person with dentists who are the subject of the inquiry. The Council – like all decision makers- can only make a decision based on the evidence before it.

The five issues that usually arise are:

  • is there a recognition of the alleged failure to to meet a standard;
  • is there acceptance of a failure and contrition;
  • is there a demonstration of insight;
  • are there proactive steps taken by the practitioner since the complaint ?
  • is there a demonstrated willingness to comply with the standards in future.

Unfortunately despite this jurisdiction being in existence for over ten years, many fail to understand these issues.

Sometimes these five issues are not addressed in proper submissions and responses and the die may we have been cast before the hearing.

I have helped some practitioners recently and they were suitably prepared and had addressed the five issues and the Council did its job.

“Thank you for the help yesterday. I would not have survived without you.”

Just be prepared- and consider the five issues and get a regulatory outcome you can live with.

Don’t provide submissions or responses not supported by evidence or that do not address these issues, as they will be considered at the hearing.

The best time to get expert experience and advice is from when you get the complaint.

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