There are some dental member organisations that really do care about protecting and go all out for their dentists.

Sometimes, membership organisations and insurers just plainly don’t know how to achieve a practical outcome.

Here is such a case from 2019…

“I first got introduced to Brad while talking to a colleague at a conference, explaining my exasperation with my indemnity group. I had been working back and forth with my indemnity group for more than a year trying to resolve a complaint against me, and I felt like I was in no way supported. The AHPRA board wanted to place essentially unachievable conditions on me regarding orthodontic practice and my Indemnity group did nothing to refute the need for the extent of the conditions nor make any other suggestions that were practical for both parties. 

I contacted Brad while still at the conference during a lunch break and after speaking to him for 5 to 10 minutes I felt much lighter within myself with a sense of hope.  Within 2 days Brad had written a response letter for me that I forwarded to my indemnity group highlighting the unachievable conditions and the reasons why they were unachievable and inappropriate. Most importantly he  clearly made recommendations for a change of conditions that would be satisfactory to myself and the board. Brad was also very mindful of ongoing costs and strongly advised me to continue working with my indemnity group but using his letter as a response. With his help I was able to have the conditions revised to a practical level that was achievable.

My new conditions required supervision and I assumed this would not be too hard to achieve. However little did I know that many specialist orthodontists were wary of being supervisors and had been advised by the ASO not to be supervisors.  Brad again came to the rescue, introducing me to a specialist that was willing to be my supervisor. 

I highly recommend his services enough for any dentist / practice  that needs legal advice /support. He is straight to the point, very easy to work with and ultimately is an expert in his field. In my case he was able to provide insights that my indemnity group were unable to which allowed me to continue practicing orthodontics and took a huge weight off my shoulders. Thank you Brad for all your help “

Your insurer may well be doing their best, but if you have doubts call for an independent initial assessment.